After her drug-induced one-night lesbian stand in Heroine, Shahana Goswami has done an elaborate lovemaking scene in Deepa Mehta’s upcoming film, Midnight’s Children based on Salman Rushdie’s book. For the Rock On actress, however, it was an amusing experience while shooting the scene.
Says a unit source, “This was the first time Shahana was meeting her Canadian co-star Zaib Shaikh. She was taken aback when Deepa decided to shoot the scene at the very beginning.
Shahana was worried as it was not only the first time she had met Zaib, but also the first scene she was shooting with him! She was hoping she would have been able to spend some time shooting some other scenes with him before they got between the sheets.”
Adds the source, “Deepa asked the crew to leave the location and only a few unit hands were allowed to stay on the sets. The director kept talking to them throughout the entire scene, telling them about their characters’ histories! This resulted in all three giggling through the entire scene as it was the perfect ice-breaker.”

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