First thing’s first: don’t just go out and open a business bank account at the first institution you see! Be sure to shop around so you can be sure that you’re getting the best business bank account for your needs. Most banks charge more for business accounts than they do for personal accounts, but if you check out the accounts offered by a wide variety of institutions, you’ll certainly get a better rate.

Visit a number of banks and credit unions and explain to them that you’re looking to open a small business bank account. Give them an accurate summary of your business and your banking needs – you might be surprised by what some of these institutions can do for you! You may also find that some of these institutions offer other perks that could be valuable to your business, such as credit card and payment processing.

Worried that opening your small business bank account will be too much of a hassle? With most credit unions and banks offering online business bank accounts that you can manage over the Internet, business banking couldn’t be easier!

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