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Thread: Applying Hair Cream For Curly Hair

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    Default Applying Hair Cream For Curly Hair

    Applying Hair Cream For Curly Hair

    ● Apply cream for curly hair after washing your hair, and always use a special conditioner made for curls. These are formulated to add more moisture to curly hair, which is dryer than other kinds.

    ● Always apply styling cream to wet hair. This smoothes the cuticle and helps shape the curl.

    ● Mix a small quarter-sized dollop of hair cream on your hand and work it through from roots to ends, section by section. You can always apply more if needed, and this way, you won't overapply, flattening your curls or making them look greasy.

    ● Stay away from styling products that are high in alcohol and silicone. Curly hair is dry, and these ingredients can make hair look stiff and parched. Try mixing some shine serum with your hair cream for extra-shiny curls along with definition.

    Hair Styles For Ladies >> Photo Gallery

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