• Have a Plan
Now that you have a list of what to eat, you should also plan how to eat it. A diet will prevent you from succumbing to unhealthy food cravings, and help diversify your diet in every meal, including breakfast all-important. You can also mix your diet to avoid monotony, to help you stick to your diet.

• Eating Habits
Although it may sound funny, the fact is that eating while watching TV or when you're at your computer, resulting in a kind of mindless eating where you do not know how much you eat, leading to food intake unnecessary and excessive. It is best to sit at the table not only helps correct posture while eating, but also prevent your mind from being distracted while having meals.

• Eating Out
Your weight loss program should not be deprived of the pleasure of eating out that occasional appeal to your palate. But you should limit the number of times you eat out and you need to choose places that have a wide variety of healthy foods you can choose.

• Exercise
To lose weight, you have to stability a suitable diet with regular activity in the form of exercise. Now you do not get an obsession, because the more the work out will wear down your body and do more harm than good. It is better to have a zone of moderate exercise evenly over the week. A regular exercise program will help you burn calories more efficiently while developing the physical body.

• Sleep
If the sleep of just a few hours, eg five hours or less of certain hormones in the body is supposed to make you feel hungry, which leads to weight gain. It is important that you get plenty of sleep worth to help you lose weight.

• Diet
Before starting, remember to fast or starve yourself is a bad idea. Not only will your body loses important nutrients and muscle mass, it makes you vulnerable to health problems, and eventually you will gain weight over the long term. Instead, the key to losing weight is to have a healthy, balanced diet, and eliminating fast and junk food.

• Alcohol
Keep your drinking under control and definitely stay away from bulimia. The process your body converts alcohol into sugar, which adds to their weight. It is best to avoid alcohol, or at best to keep consumption to a minimum compared to the frequency and quantity.

Keep the drinking under control and certainly far from bulimia. Process the body to convert sugar alcohol, which increases their weight. It 'best to avoid alcohol consumption, or at best be minimized with respect to frequency and quantity.

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