Hrithik Roshan turns down whopping sum for a commercial from a cell phone company, as he didnít believe in the brandís creative concept. Hrithik Roshan is known to be extremely conscious of his on-screen image. In fact, apparently the actor doesnít mind even saying no to a bunch of money if he is not happy with the way things have turned out.
According to our industry sources, the actor recently turned down an offer from an international cell phone brand to endorse their product. Hrithik was supposedly not happy with the brandís creative concept.
A source close to the actor says, ďTrust Hrithik to be a perfectionist. Even while the mobile brand was offering him a whopping amount of Rs 20 crore, he refused to be a part of it. The brand honchos had initially offered him Rs 15 crore and later revised the offer to Rs 20 crore. Nothing could budge the actor. He does not believe in going ahead with something without being fully convinced.Ē
Hrithik remained unavailable for comment. The spokesperson of the phone brand refused to speak on the matter.

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