South Superstar Rajinikanth affectionately referred to as Thalaivar turns 63 today. Coincidentally this day falls on 12-12-12, a unique day which occurs once in a 100 years. The day itself is as unique as this Superstar, whose magic in cine industry is limitless. Nothing can be made to understand why his mere presence on & off screen can create magic among millions. The only actor, whose movie tickets sell tickets tenfold on the first day is our Anbulla Rajinikanth.

The stylish conductor's journey from KSRTC begin with Aboorva Raagangal and has never looked back, till the to be released Kochadaiyaan. Heroism is not an artificial phenomenon to this demigod, as he does it with ease. One actor who cares about the welfare of every single person on the film unit is our very own superstar, he is known to ensure that everyone benefits out of his films. Why the frenzy at the mere mention of the word Rajinikanth? It will require a psychological research to understand how the Superstar has made his mark in roots of million hearts.

Born as Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, he changed his onscreen name to be Rajinikanth. He has more than 150 films to date and swashbuckling star's endless contribution to cinema industry is impeccable. He might turn 63, but his fan base is a mammoth size number and is the only actor to have a major presence in Japan.

A Philanthropist, a pious man, a Man of the masses, 6 to 63 lovable star and a lot more can be said, yet his simplicity remains unscathed. An example to every human he is, sets his professional life apart from his normal one. He is named as the most influential Indian of the year, Entertainer of the year and a lot more, yet the gifted actor remains serene.

As a major tribute and a delightful gift on his birthday, AVM studios has released the 3D version of the megahit Shivaji. A treat to all hardcore Rajini fans indeed.

Hostonnet & BizHat brings to you the top 12 Rajini defining moments on the occasion of our Superstar's Birthday.

1. Flipping up the cigarette in a unique way, no better way to define his style.

2. His walk, It will be ages before someone can actually even imitate him. The famous Baasha walk is one of a kind.

3. No one can wear glasses as stylish as our superstar, it's a scene that can make the audience go nuts.

4. The way he shoves his hair, always is a visual treat. Various actors have imitated this style.

5. Punch Dialogues, probably one of the earliest actors to start these one liners which becomes the talk of the town for a long time.

6. The perfect antagonist, our superstar loves to play villain and his sarcasm, dialogue delivery reaches new heights when he essays these roles.

7. His laugh is always a wonder, from the comic giggle to the heinous chuckle, he creates a stir as always.

8. An array of his favourite dialogues like " Kanna" , "Suma adhuruthuila", " ithu epadi iruku" and on and on.

9. Opening song, He joins the elite club of legendary MGR and Shivaji who always have meaningful lyrics in their introduction songs.

10. Thalaivar has a zeal for Snakes, its a laugh riot whenever superstar comes across a snake, it brings the house down with laughter.

11. His introduction is one scene which the audience can never get enough of, sounds of once more, repeatu erupts in theatres.

12. When he fights the baddies, its ruthless and bashing all the way. Even the goons get thrashed so stylishly!

All said, Rajini is the superstar from Tamilnadu who has gone miles, and will scale new heights with the wishes of his ardent fans.

Wishing him a wonderful birthday,

Rajanikanth More stills

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