PuTTY and FreeBSD

PuTTY is a great little telnet/ssh client that also includes some very handy tools (pscp, psftp, pageant, etc.) that make life much easier as far as dealing with *nix machines from a Windows box is concerned.

I like to install PuTTY and friends somewhere on my Windows "Path" environment variable so I can run pscp/psftp from a cmd window, so a "quick and dirty" method to insure that everything is in a directory in your path is to install PuTTY or dump the files in to your C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\ directory.

Having trouble seeing colors in your PuTTY terminals? Set your terminal-type string in the connection options to "xterm-color" instead of the default "xterm" and colors should work correctly.

Set your defaults. That 'Default Settings' saved session in PuTTY isn't there for just looks; you can set things to your liking there and new sessions will inherit those default settings. I prefer the courier font instead of courier-new, an orange cursor, disabling remote-controlled character set reconfiguration (under the features section inside the terminal features options) and such, so I save those to the 'Default Settings' profile early on.