The first and only picture of "Kadal" Thulasi released by Mani Ratnam went viral in a few days as it made the very young Thulasi look graceful and little mature. The serene beauty of Mani Ratnam's "Kadal" is said to be even more gorgeous in real life. The public pondered much about the very traditional name in this era and to this Thulasi says, " My grandfather loves Thulasi and the reason I was named Thulasi was because my Aunt revealed this to the family."

The one thing Thulasi can be relieved about "Kadal" is that she does not get stereotyped. The usual portrayal of a girl in a fishing village is that she is always dark and this has been the very typical image for years in the Tamil cinema. Even the recent "Neerparavai" deglamorized Sunaina to fit the so called fishing village girl's image. Maniratnam breaks this trend by letting Thulasi roam the beaches while she looks as beautiful and fair as she actually is. Also, Thulasi is all set to play her next role along with Jiiva in Ravi K Chandran's "Yaan".

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