Here are five easy steps for you to follow to avoid weight gain over Christmas and ensure you can still enjoy yourself without feeling guilty the next day and you won't have to worry about putting on any extra kilos.

1. Throw In An Extra Workout

The easiest way to avoid weight gain over Christmas is to increase the number of your workouts over the break. Why not block out some of the time you'd usually be at work any way and slip in an extra session here and there. Go from 3 sessions a week to 4 or 5. And lift the intensity of your workouts over the break. Who knows, you might develop a new habit of exercising harder and more often to take with you into the new year!

2. Make It Up Early

Do your make-up sessions on the day before you indulge rather than the day after. You will exercise harder when you are fresh compared to the day after a big night of eating and drinking. And by exercising before the party you will find it easier to turn down food and drinks that you don't really want that much. It's works two fold.

3. Don't Go Hungry

Eating mindlessly at functions is a sin we are all guilty of. If you are going to avoid weight gain over Christmas, the best advice I can give you when you are attending Christmas parties and functions, is never to go there hungry. Have a small snack before you go to take the edge off your hunger so you are less likely to load up on empty calories like chips and dips. Save yourself for good quality seafood, lean meats a little cheese or other healthy gourmet delights. Good light snack options to curb hunger include fruit, salad, vegetables or light cheese and crackers.

4. Think Before You Pick

Remember, that traditional party appetisers such as pastries and hors d'oeuvre's are always very high in fat. These are major opponents in avoiding weight gain over Christmas. Limit the amount you pick up as plates are passed around and look for plainer varieties such as grilled seafood and meats, sushi and vegetables with low-fat dips and salsas.

5. Enjoy Yourself

Most importantly, enjoy good food in controlled portions over the Christmas break. It is just a day or two so relax and enjoy yourself but try and get back on track quickly so you are ready for a fit new year!

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