There's a programming language thats still fairly new to the market, and I'm not sure how many people know its around. It's called IBasic, from . I came across it a while ago and I've never been happier in my programming adventures. You should check it out sometime if you're interested in writing your own programs for windows. This includes DirectX and Direct3D programming. I've writen many different programs and games in it, most of which are done in about 2 weeks. It's an incredebly easy yet powerful language. I even won the 2004 Best Word Game competition with a D3D word game called Towers of Knowledge, written in 2 weeks. And the support forum is great. So far there are just over 1000 users, and there are many users posting tips and tricks, useful code, video games, and anything else they can think of. I swear you can write just about anything with IBasic. There's two flavours of IBasic. Standard and Pro. The Standard version has many features including DX 2D and 3D support and is good for most users. The Pro version is for the advanced user (but is still simple enough that newbies can still use it) and is designed for expansion. It has many different feature some of which include inline assembly, DLL creation, COM support and many others. IBasic Pro compiles straight into machine code, for the fastest execution and processing possible. There isn't much you can't do with it. And it's growing everyday. Jump on the train before the rest of the world does, so you can be ahead of the game.

I took the challenge and have never looked back. IBasic was probably one of the best investments I have made in my life, second only to my computer. They have Trial copies of Both IBasic Standard, and IBasic Professional, so you have nothing to lose. Try it out, and by the time the trial is over, you will probably have decided to place an order. That it, if you have an interest in designing your own software, games, media players, anything.

-= ZeroDog =-