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    “When the trailer of ‘Dracula 2012’ was released on You Tube, it received more than 3.5 lakh hits,” says director Vinayan. “So there is a lot of interest among youngsters.”

    Vinayan was talking at the trailer show of the film at the Oberon Mall. “The film will release on January 25, 2013, across 40 screens in Kerala and 400 across South India,” he says. The film is being released in Tamil and Telugu as well on an overall budget of `10 crore.

    “This is the first time that Dracula is being filmed in an Indian language, “says Vinayan. “And there are no superstars in it. In fact, many are getting their first break.” The entire film, of two hours and 20 minutes, has been shot in 3D. “In fact, it is the first 3D Malayalam film to be shot using a stereoscopic camera,” says Vinayan. “I wanted to give something different for the viewers in Kerala.”

    And yes, indeed, the scenes shot in the castle of Dracula in Romania are eye-catching and interesting. Not to forgot the song sequences where the women display their sensuality with a refreshing sense of ease and confidence.

    The story is about Roy Thomas, an entrepreneur, who goes on a holiday to Transylvania with his wife Lucy.

    There, they go to the castle of Dracula and discover many shocking revelations about the vampire.

    The tall Sudheer Nair is playing Count Dracula. “I have been struggling for the past ten years,” he says. Sudheer has played the villain in many films and has also acted on television. “This is my first chance to play the hero and I have to thank director Vinayan for that,” he says. “It has been a two-year effort on my part. Now, it is up to God and the viewers to judge whether I have done a good job.”

    Others who are in the film include Priya Nambiar, Aryan, Prabhu, Nasser, Thilakan, Monal Gujjar, Shraddha Das and Sana Khan.

    Dracula 2012

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