"Onbathula Guru", Vinay's and Lakshmi Rai's next film was shooting smoothly, until now. Almost every scene of the film is taken except for a few song sequences.

The hero Vinay and heroine Lakshmi Rai were in Pondicherry recently for such a shoot and chaos erupted when the crowd tried to get too close to the actress. The shoot started in the morning and the crowd multiplied by noon and became uncontrollable.

Lakshmi Rai had been dolled up glamorously for the song and also had a scene where she had to kiss Vinay. This provoked the audience to try getting closer to the actress and the throng surrounded her while she shouted out for help.

The crew managed to get her out of the public safely but seems like she was too shaken up to continue the shoot and director Selvakumar had to pack up for the day.

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