The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which is mostly known as PETA has given Madhavan the prestigious title of the PETA person of the year award.

Madhavan has worked hard at promoting vegetarianism and supports the PETA statement which states that opting vegetarianism is "the best way to help stop animal suffering, cut down on pollution, fight climate change and improve your health". Madhavan recently sent a letter to the CEO of a leading food chain for the noble cause of stopping animal abuse. He also gave voice to a PETA video, which portrayed Paul McCartney's statement which says "If slaughterhouses were made up of glass walls, no one would eat non-vegetarian food."

When asked about how he felt upon hearing the news, Madhavan said," I am really honoured, and was quite surprised when I heard this. I am glad that there are lot of people out there who support me in my attempt to stop abuse against animals. There are actors like Trisha who are animal lovers and I really appreciate it"

Madhavan More stills

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