Tips to be followed while buying gold ornaments | Simple designs should be selected when people think of investing in gold in the future.

Price of the gold is reaching twenty five thousand rupees from twenty thousand rupees. So people should follow few tips while buying the gold ornaments.

In case of investments, 24 carat gold should be bought and in the case of wearing the gold, it is enough to buy 22 carats gold.

Little amount of gold will be wasted while preparing the ornaments. so customers need to ask gold smiths to reduce the wastage from 2 -3%.

People need the bill with all the information about the price of gold, stones used in the ornament and taxes on the ornament.

People should also know the buy-back policy and if possible, people can ask to them to write the details of the buy-back policy on the backside of the receipt.

When people think to invest the gold in the future, it is better if they buy the simple ornaments than complex designs. By selecting the complex designs, there will be more wastage and amount will also be reduced while selling it.

People can also know the quality of the gold they are having with them. This can be done in the big shopping malls by paying some amount to them.

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