Britannia Industries on Tuesday has made key appointments in its management functions. The company has appointed Vinod Menon as the VP and CFO effective February 1.

Vinod replaces Raju Thomas, who will relinquish his post on January 31.Vinod has been an integral part of Britannia since 1993 and has handled both functional and business roles in commercial, finance & accounting. He has also been the head of the dairy business and is currently the VP & head of strategy and new business development.

The company has also appointed Neeraj Chandra, currently COO & VP of marketing, sales & innovation, to take over the role of VP of strategy and new business development.Varun Berry replaces Neeraj as COO and VP of marketing, sales and innovation. He comes with over 27 years of work experience with premier companies like Hindustan Unilever and Pepsico, both in India and overseas.

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