The Oscar nominee and "Two Mothers" star mingled at Park City's Village at the Lift on Friday.

The Hollywood Reporter on Friday raised a glass to Oscar nominee Naomi Watts (The Impossible), toasting the star of the fest's Two Mothers.

"I'm very nostalgic for Sundance," Watts said. "My first time here was with a movie I produced and it was called Ellie Parker. It was a short film and we were literally hounding people on the streets just to get them in to see the movie."

Things have obviously changed since then, with Watts' Two Mothers premiering just hours later to a packed house at Eccles Theater.

Joining Watts at THR's fete was her Two Mothers director Anne Fontaine and co-stars Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville. Actor Kyle MacLaughlin, Guggenheim Digital Media CEO Ross Levinsohn, Sony Pictures Classic's Tom Bernard and MPAA chief Christopher Dodd were also in attendance.

THR's editorial director Janice Min hosted the event, held at Park City hotspot Village at the Lift, featuring bites by chef Ludo Lefebvre and sponsored by Samsung Galaxy.

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