Tips To Grow Hot Chillies In Your Garden are:

Chilli seeds need their own sweet time to sprout, say about 15 to 20 days so you must plant then in the last week of spring just become the summer sets in.

It is important that you restrict the height of your chilli plants. Chop off some of the shoots once in a while so that the fruits can have more strength. It is also important to pick the chillies regularly so that new ones keep coming. If the chillies hang unpicked and dry up on the plant then the plant will lose itís health and it will be a waste of your efforts.

You would be interested to know that the hottest chillies in the world, the ghost peppers are of Indian origin although variations of this are grown elsewhere now.

The say the more sunlight these spices get while growing the hotter they will be so you must sun your potted plants daily. If the nights are cold, then bring them inside the house.

The most important thing about growing hot chillies is to select the right seeds. It is not so much how you grow chillies or where you grow them. You must choose the varieties of chillies that are hot like ghost pepper or guntoor chillies. The seeds will be the seeds found inside the chillies.

In tropical climates, chillies are a perennial plant as most potted plants in gardens, they flower annually in the summer. However is you have warm moist weather through out the year then it can be an evergreen plant for you.

To grow chillies you mus know that they hate cold weather and dryness. Give them plenty of direct sunlight and moist soil and they will grow like weed. But do not over do the watering part and ensure that the soil you choose must be well draining; it should not have too much clay.

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