Tips To Decorate Space Below Stairs:

For kids room, it is the space to exhibit toys, craft items and more. The shelves can also contain small container plants, fengshui or bonsai. You can even place the miniature trees in the increasing or decreasing length. You can also create a study space for your little kid.

If it is a low light area, hanging photo frames and showcasing crystals need to be given a second thought.

If it is at the entrance then that space can be a footwear or an umbrella shelf. You kid can even his sport accessories in the area. Many even create an aquarium for their pets (fishes, turtles etc).

It can also be a mini closet to maintain bed linen, woolen wear etc. Painting the space with fluorescent colours or wall papers can brighten up the hidden space.

If the staircase is situated in the living room then the space can be utilised for books or television or can even be a showcase. Some also create a virtual fire place to make their room look vintage.

The kitchen space can be practical and useful. The cabinets can take the space and accommodate the large basins and dishes. Brooms, vacuum cleaner, moper can also be stored in the place.

Most of the interior designers suggest to use the space for washing machines/dishwashers/ refrigerators as they fit perfectly.

For the stairs space in the utility area, a wash basin, cabinets to store detergent and cleaning equipments can be created and enclosed in glass doors. A fancy lighting can decorate the area.

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