ScanCleaner is designed for conditioning scans in JPEG format like scanned slides, negatives, prints, etc.

Quck Start:
1. Drag mouse to select area.
2. Hit SPACE bar to clear spots in selected area. Repeat if necessary.
3. Move Mouse on selection and drag for copy & paste.
4. Use 'Clip'-button in right-hand panel to remove borders outside of selection.
5. Type Ctrl-Z for undo
6. Press TAB for Shift-TAB to save changes and open next/previous picture in current folder.
7. Use mouse whell ot +/- for zoom in/out/ Press Ctrl and drag mouse to move visible area.
8. Popup menu (right mouse button) for turn and flip.
9. Type F1 for more information.

Basic Operation:
To remove an undesired spot, select the surrounding area (click left mouse button, keep it pressed, drag the mouse over it and release the button). Press space bar to clear the spot(s). Typing the space bar repeatedly causes the ScanCleaner to search and clear spots with increasing sensibility. If the result is not satisfying or getting worse, type Ctrl-Z to undo the changes. You can then select a suitable area (if available), move the mouse on it (hand cursor shows up) and drag it to the desired position (copy and paste). Type Tab to save changes and go to the next JPEG-file in the current directory in lexical order, if present.

NOTICE: In the current version of this software the selected area will be processed and stored in True Color mode (24-Bit color depth). On high-quality scans this may result in a slight loss of quality.

All other available actions can be managed using the popup menu (right mouse button) or buttons on the right-hand panel.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
1. Space Search and clear spots in selected area; Type space repeatedly to increase sensibility of search
2. Ctrl-Z Undo previous clear or copy and paste
3. Esc Clear selection
4. Tab / Shift-Tab Save changes and open next/previous file in current directory
5. + / - Zoom in/out
6. Arrow left / right Rotate picture left/right 90
7. Arrow up / down Rotate picture 180
8. Ctrl-Arrow left / right Flip picture horizontally
9. Ctrl-Arrow up / down Flip picture vertically
10. Ctrl+Mouse Drag Move visible area (when zoomed)
11. F1 Show helps

NOTICE: Make a backup copy of the files and directories you are going to open before you start. Typing Tab or Shift-Tab will save any changes without confirmation and overwrite the original files on disk.

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