This year, it looks like Kollywood is preparing for a thoroughly entertaining month of April. Comic entertainers are to be released this April, back-to-back. First, it was UTV that confirmed the release of 'Settai' (remake of 'Delhi Belly' - Hindi) on April 5th. The movie stars Arya, Premgi, Santhanam, Anjali and Hansika. Sundar C's film 'MGR' that has been in the cans for a long time now, is all set to release on April 11th. Yet another buzz is about the release of Kedi Billa Khilladi Ranga which is also scheduled to release on the 11th of April. This movie casts Vimal in the lead and also has Sivakarthikeyan in it. So get ready for a hearty laugh, this April, with all the entertainers lining up for release.

Arya more stills

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