1. Smile, and be positive. Being positive will help you stay happy, even if you are having a bad day. A smile improves your outlook, and makes people think of you as a confident and happy person. Smiling at people also helps them feel good about themselves! Besides, nobody likes a person who bores them with his own problems.

2 . Strike up a conversation. Don't be afraid to talk to people. Introduce yourself, and then ask them about their day. Don't just talk about yourself throughout the whole conversation. Ask them questions about their interests and who they are.

3. Express your opinions. Don't be afraid to put forward your opinions even if they contradict those of the person you are talking to, but make sure to be civil. A good way to express a contradicting opinion is to start by saying "Yes, you are right when you say that, but I feel that..." Don't agree with people just so that they will like you - nobody likes a clone. People will like you for having your own thoughts and opinions, especially if they are mature and expressed in such a manner. Of course, don't say something that might offend people, especially if they feel strongly about the subject.

.4 Never backbite. Backbiting about people only makes you look bad to the people you backbite to. You lose any confidence people may have in you. Also, if you make sure to speak about people only in front of them, you are most likely to speak in a civil manner and avoid saying anything very offensive. Bear in mind that whatever you say about people behind their backs will reach them - and when it does, it will be worse than if you had expressed your thoughts in a civil manner in front of them.

5. Smile at strangers when you meet them, be it the shopkeeper, the mail man, or the people with you in the elevator. Don't smile strangely: just a small smile will make them think you are nice.

6 . Don't lose your temper. Be patient with people, even if it is hard. If you feel very angry about something, sit if you are standing, and lie down if you are sitting. Drink a glass of water - preferably cold. If this does not help, wash your face. Breathing slowly also helps control anger.

7. Be courteous even to your enemies. This will make people think of you as a person with self-control, and create respect for you. If you are nice to everybody, no matter how mean they are, nobody will have any reason to hate you. Being nice to your enemies will also drive them mad!

8. Be nice to people who are not "cool". Don't just be nice to popular people. Being nice to people whom others consider losers or geeks will help create an image of you as a genuinely kind and friendly person.

9. Be fun to talk to! Don't drone on boringly about something; be more exciting and interesting when you talk. Include little jokes and funny stories in conversations and never be boring when talking to someone.

10. Don't worry about what people think. As long as you are being yourself, that's fine! There will always be people who don't like you, and you should learn to ignore them and get on with your life
11. Remove yourself. If you find yourself in a bad situation with someone, just remove yourself. Obviously, it is rude to ignore or avoid someone, but just try to reasonably distance yourself from the situation.

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