Give your partner gifts without any reason or occasion.

Write loves note to your partner occasionally, saying ‘I Love You’.

Go for long walks with your partner, moving hand in hand.

Once in a while, let you partner indulge in a silly whim.

Write a poem on what your partner means to you.

Plan a homemade candlelit dinner for your partner.

Propose your partner once again.

Watch the sunset together, on a romantic evening.

Toast each other over breakfast or dinner to say I love you.

Tell them how they bring love to your life.

Laugh about kids quotes on love or events.

Talk about your day during mealtimes.

Read books aloud together.

Say you’re sorry.

Recall good and bad memories.

Let go of the past to say ‘I love you’.

Do nothing together.

Encourage health in all its forms.

Trust your partner enough to cry together.

Act silly together.

Be lavish in praise.

Ask questions about opinions, feelings, thoughts.

Find out what their favorite cologne/perfume is and wear it every time you’re together.

Find a nice secluded place to lie together and watch the stars.

Incense, candles, oils, black lights and music make for great cuddling/sex.

Kiss at every chance you get.

Don’t wear underwear and let them find out.

Kinky is bad…Blindfolds are good.

Lightly kiss their collarbone and their jawbone just below the ear, then whisper I love you.

Go for a long walk down the beach at midnight.

Tell each other your most sacred secrets/fears.

Somehow incorporate them into any kind of religion or worship you have.

Be Prince Charming to her parents. (Brownie Points)

Act out mutual fantasies together. (Not necessarily sexual)

Brush her hair out of her face for her.

Stay up all night to think of 101 ways to be sweet to them.

Hang out with his/her friends. (more brownie points)

Go to church/pray/worship together.

Take her to see a romantic movie and remember the parts she liked.

Cuddle together under a full moon on a clear night.

Learn from each other and don’t make the same mistake twice.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Describe the joy you feel just to be with him/her.

Do things for each other without being asked.

Whisper something nice into the others ear.

Be best friends.

Have fun together.

Play music together.

Have your picture taken together


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