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City Kayamkulam ,
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District Alappuzha,
Country India
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About us

DR. RIJUKHADAR [M.B.B.S., M.D (GEN.MED)] started Kripa Hospital and diabetes research centre provided with 50 bedded and all necessary facilities and infrastructure, especially for podiatrics at kayamkulam. As diabetes has become very common disease that has created great panic among the people, He become very much concerned about it and got interested in the branch of diabetes. Since there were no other hospitals which gave special care attention to this rather fatal disease.

Kripa Hospital is here to listen to your cries and agonies, to bring an end to diabetes related problems like Foot problems like numbness, insensitivity, ulcers; unhealed wounds, loss of circulation.You can now check out the chances of catching any of these problems with the highly innovative equipments in our podiatic lab. We are ready to serve you with our fully computerized and specialized equipments. Our expert technicians are here anytime at your service! You can take home test results you can completely trust, thanks to our special standardization techniques.

Patient Care

Kripa Hospital is dedicated to treating the full scope of our patients' needs—be they physical, emotional, or spiritual.

To fulfill this goal, we offer a broad array of support and educational services to our patients, their loved ones, the local community, and health care professionals.

We provide our patients with our expert physicians and highly sophisticated, modern equipments advanced practice nurse , certified diabetes educator to serve them. Feel the warmth and care!!
High Tech Diagnostic
Vascular Doppler


8 MHz Unidirectional Doppler Transducer.
Photo Plethysmography(PPG) for Toe Pressure Measurement.
Accurate Monitoring & Recording of velocity & Pulse Volume Waveforms.
Segmental Cuffsets with Manometer for Ankle/Brachial Study.
Penial Flow study.
PC Software for printout on A4 size paper.
Manual Printout is also possible through any manual or Auto ECG Machine.

Features & Specification:

Full solid state Design with pc enabled
Easy quantify Neuropathy
Digital 0 to 50 Volts output indicator
Weighs less than 3 kg
Remote key operation on the probe handle
First Indian model with PC enabled reporting software
Alarm enabled when max range reached
Alarm enabled when probe not connected
Dimension -30 cm (W)* 12 cm(H)*26 cm(D)-3g
220 v,AC,50 Hz mains operation
The Podia-ScanŽ system

Diagnostic uses

Identifying areas of potential ulceration
Pre- and post-surgical evaluations
Aiding in the prescription of correctly balanced foot orthoses
Determining the degree of pronation or supination
Screening diabetics and other neuropathic patients
Regulating weight bearing after surgery
Monitoring degenerative foot disorders
Immediate determination of orthotic efficacy
Determining ray hypermobility
Early detection of scoliosis

Laser treatment

Chronic skin ulcers still represent a therapeutic challenge in dermatology. Among the various non-invasive treatment modalities used for the improvement of impaired wound healing, low-intensity laser irradiations are gaining an increasing body of interest. We used low-intensity laser irradiations delivered by a 30 mW helium-neon laser at an energy density of 30 J/cm2 three times weekly for the induction of wound healing in ulcers of diverse causes.


A peaceful, serene and hygienic place in the heart of the city!
24 hours round the clock casualty unit.
Highly qualified and dedicated group of nurses and technicians,

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