Our Dhak Dhak Bollywood Diva Madhuri Dixit Nene has launched first of its kind online dance academy - 'Dance With Madhuri' - a free dance academy and a first-of-its kind initiative by a movie star which offers fans a unique access to her world of dance, no matter where you in the world!

The online dance academy is the first major offering from her newly formed company RnM Moving Pictures - a Media & content company. Commenting on the venture, Madhuri said, "Dancing has always been my passion and as I see it, there should be no age, gender or geographical barriers to learn dance, whether it is for an event, wedding, club or purely for your own pleasure and self improvement. Through the academy, I want to reach all my fans and dance enthusiasts, who wish to learn dancing."

'Dance with Madhuri', aims to reach out to dance lovers and fans across the globe, where they can get to learn dancing from Madhuri, each other and a team of choreographers. It is a revolutionary product, which allows dance enthusiasts to enroll into the programme through their Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo id.

At the academy, to start with, you can learn to dance to Madhuri's two hits 'Mai ni Mai' and 'Ek Do Teen'. Each song has been further divided into smaller lessons so you can learn and practice with it in detail. 'Mai ni Mai' has 16 lessons and 'Ek do Teen' has been divided into 19 lessons.

The lessons only unlock in a sequence so you have to see lesson 1 to view lesson 2, the application will automatically remember your progress so you can leave at any point and come back and pick up from where you left. With time, the library will be expanded to all genre of dance and feature other dance masters.

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