Deepika Padukone, who is currently shooting for Chennai Express with Shah Rukh Khan, is miffed with her co-star. Apparently, the actress didn’t appreciate the King Khan’s curiosity about her personal life. Recently, during one of the shooting schedules, SRK broached the topic during their lunch break — he asked her point blank about the current man in her life.
A source from the unit says, “It was a joke. Shah Rukh pointed out how Deepika’s relationships have become a talking point in the industry. But his questions caught Dippy completely offguard.” It seems Deepika had great difficulty in wriggling herself out of the situation. “She has immense respect for SRK and understands that he meant it as a joke. But she isn’t comfortable discussing her personal life and hence her reaction was absolutely justified,” says an eyewitness.

This is not the first time SRK has been tactless with his heroines. The superstar had managed to annoy Katrina Kaif also during the promotions of his latest Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

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