Twitter queen or Bollywood wannabe actress Poonam Pandey appears potent enough to leave any bold actress in tizzy by dint of her oh-so oomph factor. With her spirit of dare-to- bare all, which has scorched social networking sites and caught imagination of people of all walks, now this nymphet linked her 69 ‘positions’ with the date of her birthday. Born on 11 March 1991 in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, the sexy lass has a huge fan following on twitter. She has near about 3, 66930 followers on Twitter. Apart from posting nude pictures, Poonam expresses her feeling on twitter always and she finds that twittering helps her control the chaos in her head.On her 22nd birthday, Poonam and her Twitter account has been flooded with advance birthday wishes. But in between the inflow of tweets from her millions of fans, the nymphet Nasha beauty linked the 69 position (considered as the sex position) with her date of birth. She even justified the reason of being naughty.
Her tweet reads, “Lucky my b’day comes on the 69th day of the year; Guess thats y m Naughty Lol :p” On her 22nd birthday, Jagran Post wishes this nymphet queen huge success.

Poonam Pandey More stills

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