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Thread: Indoor Plants To Make Your Home Alive

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    Default Indoor Plants To Make Your Home Alive

    Indoor Plants To Make Your Home Alive are:

    1.Angel Ivy Ring Topiary:
    This lustrous green rig shaped topiary is a favorite among plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts. The Angel Ivy Ring Topiary does not need a dry or wet soil and prefers misting to watering. This plant is also known as the wire vine and can grow up to 12 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter. The topiary gives a festive look and the house looks artistic.

    2.Chinese Evergreen:
    Chinese evergreen is a short plant that stands upright. The leaves are rather bushy and are of a dark green color with a silvery green pattern right in the middle. This contrast coloring of the leaves makes the plant look rather attractive. Chinese Evergreen is an ideal for first time gardeners as it has minimalistic requirements and grows beautifully in low light and with low water. A durable plant if pruned right, it can give a beautiful look to any dull corner of the house.

    3.Moth Orchid:
    If you are a flower fanatic, then the plant that you are seeking to grow is a moth orchid. Moth orchids are some of the best flowering species to grow indoors and can be your own personalized bouquet. The blooms can last up to three months and give a beautiful look to the house. These flowers are easy to grow and require much less than any other flowering plant. The flowers are usually white in color with fuchsia stripes and help in purifying air in the house tremendously.

    4.Cactus Combo Bonsai:
    The Cactus Combo Bonsai is a treat for cactus lovers of all kinds as it brings a rugged yet colorful texture to the area it is placed. The best feature of the cacti is that it is a visual treat. This is a result of carefully placed cacti of different shapes and colors in the bonsai form. The best part of having cactus as a part of your indoor garden is that it needs to be watered only once a month. They are easy to maintain and are ideal for table tops or window sills. They look like a compact garden by themselves and can give tremendous inner satisfaction with very little needs.

    5.Braided Ficus Tree:
    The Braided Ficus Tree looks absolutely beautiful with three or four stems intertwined to form a braid. The top layer is full of lustrous dark green foliage. The tree is comfortable with low light or indirect lighting and needs uniform watering. The tree can grow up to two to four feet in height and gives a stunning look along with a dash of dark green. The trick to keep the leaves of the tree from falling is by watering them regularly.
    These are some indoor plants to make your home alive.

    Indoor Plants More stills

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    Citronella plant is an indoor plant which needs minimalistic care. It can grow in little shade and little light. The most important feature of this plant is it naturally repels mosquito and protects you from diseases. Good knight too uses the citronella and eucalyptus oil in its natural mosquito repellent that helps to get rid of mosquitoes. One must grow plants that have an aroma and are beneficial in nature.

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