Live your dreams
A little each day.
They arenít out of reach
Unless you fail to reach out.
Put off unimportant things
But donít put off living.
Other things can wait,
Your happiness canít,
If your life is to have purpose and meaning.
The ďsomedayĒ to be happy is today.

Choose how to live your life.
Life isnít decided for us
But by us.
Every action is a decision with consequences.
Choose wisely!
The reward should always
Be greater than the price.

Take time to play, but also to think.
Life canít mean much without much thought.
To be where you want to be
Ask yourself questions, then take action.
So often we go with the flow
And become lost.
Donít be led; be the leader of your life.

Stop waiting for happiness to happen
and get busy making it happen.
Work with what you have
And what you have will increase.
If one door is closed, open another;
Happiness often comes unexpected.
Watch what you aim for
Because your heart will follow.
Aim nowhere and youíll go nowhere.
Aim high enough and you may touch the stars.
Aim to be happy
And you will do much more than just pass through life,
Youíll live it to the fullestÖÖ

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