MyRouter Log is a free software that captures and logs the output broadcast by routers. It can listen to log file broadcasts like those produced by most home style ADSL Modem / Routers.

To setup your environment so you can capture your log files do the following. Login to the admin interface of your router:
1. Go to the "syslog" section.
2. Configure the system log to be broadcast remotely
3. Set the IP address to be the IP of this computer.
4. Set the port number, the default is 514.
How to use:
1. Edit the preferences and make sure the port matches the router.
2. Click "Start" to start listening
3. All traffic from the router should now be being captured by the router.
1. Logging - This is on by default and writes a log file for each day with the contets that are being captured. The log files live in a "Logs" folder inside where the application resides. There is a shortcut provided in the Start :: All Programs :: MyRouter Log menu.
2. System Tray - When miminised the application goes to the system tray but can display information when things are logged. It can display the latest message, the count of the number of messages that have been captured in this session, or it can be turned off.
3. Port - As described above use this to set the port number that "MyRouter Log" is listening on. It should match the value you entered in the router.

Static IP - You need to set IP address to broadcast to on your youter. It may pay to set your computer that is running "MyRouter Log" to have a static IP so it is always broadcasting to the same computer. If you have multiple devices that use DNS to get their IP address your computer my get assigned a different IP address and then the router will be broadcasting to the wrong device.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this network monitoring software.

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