With the focus shifting to Priyanka Chopra and Sunny Leone’s item numbers during the promotions of the upcoming ‘Shootout At Wadala’ (SAW), insiders insist that the film’s heroine, Kangana Ranaut, isn’t keen to be involved in the promotions of the Sanjay Gupta film. The source reveals that she’s feeling sidelined. “Kangana feels she’s being ‘kept away’ despite playing the female lead and Manya Surve’s (played by John Abraham) love interest after PC (with Babli Badmaash) and Sunny Leone (with Laila) took centre stage at the film’s recent music launch. She’s upset about the developments and doesn’t want to promote the film.”
Kangana, it seems is adamant, despite producer Ekta Kapoor and director Sanjay reasoning with her. “Ekta even explained to her that she has an important part to play in the promotions, but she just doesn’t see reason, upsetting Ekta and Sanjay,” says our source, adding, “Kangana even refused to attend the music launch on Tuesday evening.”
Sanjay says, “There’s no unnecessary focus on anyone. Kangana is the heroine of the film and nothing changes that. She has no reason to be upset. When Katrina Kaif did the song in Agneepath, it didn’t mean that Priyanka was upset. Likewise Kareena doing a special appearance in Dabangg 2 didn’t mean that Sonakshi Sinha was upset.”
While Kangana was unavailable for comment, her spokesperson maintained, “Kangana is currently in Bhopal shooting for Revolver Rani. She’s close to Ekta and has promised utmost cooperation in the promotion of SAW.” Incidentally, Ekta and Sanjay were keen to have their leading lady in one of the item songs. “But Kangana wasn’t keen on doing an item number,” says our source.
P.S. There’s tension reportedly brewing between PC and Leone. Comparisons to their item numbers seems inevitable.

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