Sheís barely five films old and Bangalore girl Akshara Gowda has already bagged her first Bollywood film, the Priyadarshan directorial Rangrezz. In a chat with BT, Akshara talks about why she will choose an arranged marriage even though love is important, her attachment to her father, and what would make her give up films. How did you find the experience of working on your first Bollywood film? My part was shot in Mysore and Melukote, so I never thought I was away from home. Iím a Bangalorean and my dad is from Mandya, so I was bossing (everyone) around saying, ĎWe should eat that, we should go there, we should buy this sariÖí (laughs). Also, everyone is south Indian apart from the other actors, like me, Santosh (Sivan) sir, Sabu (Cyril) sir and Priyan sir. They know how attached I am to my family and were protective about me.
You started your film career in 2011. Did you plan to do a Bollywood film this soon? I never wanted to be an actress. As long as Iím having fun, Iím OK. The minute I think Iím not having fun, Iíll just quit. Itís not as if Iím going to die if Iím not doing this. Now Iím also doing a Tamil film ó Ajith and Vishnuvardhanís project. For me, thereís no difference between south films and Bollywood films. As long as Iím pampered on the set and they make me feel comfortable, I will do it. I canít work if someone screams at me saying, ĎDonít do this or donít do that.í My whole day would just go off. You have to pamper me and make it seem like itís very easy even though itís the toughest of the scenes, and Iíll just perform.
Now that youíre settled in Mumbai, how often do you come back to Bangalore? Iím in Bangalore every month. Iím very attached to my family. My dad has a rule. He said that I could only go to Mumbai if I came home once a month. Heís the boss in the family and Iím his favourite, so I thought why not, as long as Iím moving and get to party? (laughs)
How come you havenít done any Sandalwood films? It never happened because back home Iím the typical dadís daughter, momís daughter. Thereís no going out post a certain time. If my friends have to see me, they have to come home. My dad lets me take the car out, but he has to know where I am. So I never even tried (getting into Kannada films). I was busy studying. I even tried a a little bit of modelling.
Have you got any offers to do Kannada films since you started acting? Iíd love to do Kannada films because I have relatives who are from Mandya whoíd like to see me on the big screen in a film they can understand. As of now, thereís nothing in Kannada because Iíve moved.
You also made news because you were linked with cricketer Yuvraj SinghÖ I canít believe that happened. I was in Bangalore when the news came out in Mumbai and the first call I got was from Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh). He said, ĎYou are not even here and we are being linked!í and I thought, ĎWhat nonsense!í We hardly met at a couple of social events because we had a lot of common friends and we ended up having each otherís numbers and thatís about it. I can just laugh about it. As long as my dad and mom know the truth about who Iím going out with, they donít care.
Are you seeing anyone at the moment? I would opt for an arranged marriage. Thatís been my position since I was a child because Iím too much of a daddyís girl. Love can happen at any time, but that guy also has to impress my father. I would not leave my dad and do anything in this world because he means the world to me.

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