CapDraw allows a you to capture still images of your screen or programs. It has basic easy to use tools to crop a selected region, add text, or primitive shapes like rectangles, ellipses, and lines. Text and primitive shapes show up in the object layer browser and can be edited, moved, resized, and reordered.
When you are done editing CapDraw let's you save your images in standard formats like jpeg, bmp, and png. You can also copy the image or just a selected region to the clipboard and paste it directly into many document editors and email clients.

Capturing the Screen:
When you minimize CapDraw it hides in the notification tray by the system clock. Press "Control + Shift + S" to capture the entire screen or "Control + Shift + A" to capture just the active window. Capdraw will be unhidden and the new captured image will be in the editing window. WARNING: If you have unsaved data in the editing window it will be lost. It is always important to save your work frequently.

Tool Box:
1. Selection Tool: Select a region in the editor and crop or copy the selected region.
2. Move: select an Object Layer in the Layers dialog to move.
3. Resize: Select an Object layer in the Layers dialog to move.
4. Text Tool: Add text to your image.
5. Ellipse: Draw an ellipse in the edit area.
6. Rectangle: Draw rectangles in the edit area.
7. Line: Draw lines in the edit area.
8. Line Width: Line width in pixels.
9. Drawing Color: Select the color for drawing Text and primitive shapes.

Layers Dialog:
The Layers dialog can be accesed from the veiw menu or with the keyboard shortcut "Control + L". Use the layers dialog to select an item in the layers list to edit using the resize or move tool there are also other attributes that can be edited depending on the layer object type.

Text Tool:
When selecting the text tool a text dialog will open enter text into the text area and press apply. Draw in the edit area and the text will fill in. The text dialog and font dialog are accessable in the tools menu, the font dialog is also avaialable in layers dialog for existing text objects.

Croping an Image:
After selecting a region in the edit area you can crop the image to the selected region by choosing "Crop to Selection" from the edit menu. WARNING croping the image will merge all of the objects into a single layer this cannot be undone.

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