Blog promotion is like a good vegetable soup recipe , it contains many ingredients to get it just right . One of the ingredients to successful blog promotion is networking. All accomplished bloggers are connected to other successful bloggers this is a fact that can sometimes be verified by the same advertising network they are in or the links backs to each others site. Networking with other bloggers is usually overlooked by the startup bloggers and some of the know it all bloggers. You need to make a point to reach out to other bloggers either thru comments on their blogs or thru emails and forums. Connect constantly to build your blog up to the level that will make it worthwhile to keep writing.

Networking with other bloggers can provide you a path to some of there readers and maybe a link on there blog. A good friend who is a blogger will have no problem mentioning your blog in one of there posts and you should do the same back but getting a stranger to do this is no easy task. Compliment a blog writer if you enjoyed his or her article it will go a long way towards establishing a new relationship. Be sincere in wanting to network with other bloggers dont go at it with a bad attitude. Bloggers come in many shapes and sizes it is a mosh pit of ranters and professionals with many in betweens. You need to juggle all the different types of bloggers out there in the blog world to achieve networking greatness. A few good loyal blogging friends is better than zero blogging friends. I am the type of person that this is a hard task for me as I can be withdrawn and I am quick to anger, but my better half is really good at this aspect of business relationships and she sometimes helps me in this area. When you are looking for blog to network with explore many blogs that write about subjects in your niche as well as blogs that are subjects that interest you. Visit blogs often that you like and comment often or they will not know you have visited. The blog writer will notice after a period of time that you are a loyal visitor and that is the perfect time to start your networking. Ask for a link or ask for them to write a post about your blog and you will do the same back for them. It might work it might not it just depends on the blogger you approach. Like I said earlier a few blogger friends are better than zero. Keep at it until you get your first blogger friend after that it will get easier and easier as you build your network of blogger buddies.

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