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Thread: Methods for cleaning the granite

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    Default Methods for cleaning the granite

    When you have a granite countertop in your kitchen, you may want to use a granite cleaner to bring out the proper luster and shine of the stone. However, a store-bought granite cleaner can cost a lot of money, and you may also find that it doesnít seem to go very far. One alternative is to make your very own brand of granite cleaner, right there at home. In order to get the best from your cleaner, you will have to bear in mind that granite is easily scratched and weakened by acid, so you need to avoid this in anything you put into the cleaner. Making a home-based granite cleaner can help you ensure that your granite countertop stays pristine for many years to come.

    Before you begin, you will need to gather together all your equipment and ingredients. Make sure that everything you will be using is as clean as possible, from the bowl to the glass rod. If you have an old spray bottle of perfume or of soap it will make the perfect receptacle for your granite cleaner, but you will need to ensure that it is thoroughly clean before you use it. Check that your ingredients do not include citrus or other forms of acid.

    Mix the Ingredients

    Take your rubbing alcohol, which is usually used for massages, and place it in a small plastic bowl. You will need around one quarter to half a cup of rubbing alcohol, as this is the carrier for the soap and will help to minimize the amount of detergent you will be applying to your granite surface. Once the rubbing alcohol is in the bowl, add two or three drops of your dish or hand soap, and then mix it together using a glass rod. Keep stirring until the mixture is completely absorbed. You may want to use clear rubbing alcohol and a colored detergent so you can see when they are combined.
    Add to Spray Bottle

    Pour the mixture into the spray bottle and then top up with tap water. You can either stir the liquid or you can mix it using the glass rod, in order to prevent suds from forming on the top of the bottle. When you have filled the inside, add the spray mechanism to the bottle, and then practice spraying a few times.
    Store and Use

    Place the granite detergent in a dark cupboard away from sources of heat. If you leave the granite detergent for long periods between each use it is a good idea to stir it first, as the liquids may separate back into soap and rubbing alcohol.

    More stills

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    Awesome! Iím really trying to use more homemade cleaning remedies,Iím definitely going to do this. I bought some rags for the kitchen from Target that are anti-microbial or something and they never smell. But it sounds like you found a solution!

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    Some stone cleaners come in the form of quick wipes. These make cleaning granite counters quick and easy!Avoid using cleaning products that contain any type of acid such as white vinegar, which may scratch or dull the countertops.

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