I like Ginger! its my favorite spicy. I use it as a herbal tea in everyday evening. Candied ginger is best for the stomach.Ginger is also good for alleviating flatulence.
Ginger tea is a spicy conventional beverage that is used and enjoyed daily throughout world.Itís very easy to prepare ginger tea at home.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea:

Combats stomach discomfort
Improves immune system
Suffering from general respiratory ailments such as cough and stuffy nose, drink ginger herbal tea.
Encourages normal blood circulation
Relieves morning sickness
Lowers risk of motion sickness
Reduces pain and inflammation
Relieves stress
Menstrual cramp relief
Increases fertility

Side effects of Ginger Tea:

Anything consumed over dose can be harmful to your health
Blood Thinners and Disorders
Sleep Issues
Stomach Upset
Ginger tea is not recommended to pregnant women

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