The biggest box office attraction is playing out in real life. Where is actress Anjali , and is she in any danger from her family? Anjali went 'missing' on Tuesday in Hyderabad, a day after media reported that she was being 'harassed' by her stepmother Bharathi Devi and director Kalanjiyam, who is widely believed to be her mentor.

This is the first time in Kollywood that a leading actress , with an excellent market has openly accused her family of harassing her , and of swindling her money. Anjali is a much sought after heroine in Tamil and Telugu today. A senior journalist says that Anjali had even told a friend in the police that she was afraid 'they' would finish her off, and if anything happens to her, then people should look closely at her step mother and director Kalanjiyam. Anjali first worked in Kalanjiyam's Sathamindri Muthamidu, but that film never released. However, Kalanjiyam remained a close family friend say sources.

In fact, the news that Bharathi Devi is not her mother but her step mother has come as a major shock to many in the industry. Anjali had always presented a united front with Bharathi, until now. However, the actress recently came clean about the relationship, and said she was seeking refuge in Hyderabad.

Sources in the industry say there is a lot of speculation about a boy friend in Anjali's life as the reason for the sudden, and very public spat between Anjali and her family, as well as Kalanjiyam. Old timers say that exploitation is a very common factor in tinsel town. " When an actress is getting good offers, no family member wants a boy friend or husband distracting the heroine , since they would lose control of the earnings and the fringe benefits they enjoy," says a source.


There have been many examples of stars needing a hero in real life to bail them out. In 2001, actress Devyani created a stir when she eloped with director Rajakumaran since her family did not consent to the marriage.

Prathyusha, who had acted with some of the top heroes , married against her family's wishes, and later attempted suicide along with her husband in 2002. Her husband survived and was sentenced ti imprisonment.

In 2010, actress Kanaka accused her father of branding her as mentally unstable and coveting her property , and declared her intention to travel to USA in search of her missing husband Muthukumar. The allegation created a buzz, since she also accused her father and her one time friend 'Aviulaga Amudha' of 'kidnapping' Muthukumar.

In Kerala, actors Meera Jasmine and Ananya had complained about harassment by their families. Last year the media in Kerala closely tracked the curious case of Ananya and her fianc� Anjaneyan. The actress' father Goplalkrishnan had in fact complained to the police about Anjaneyan, and had even kept Ananya under house arrest, in order to prevent the marriage.

On occasions, even the industry turns into a villain. A few years ago, an actor who had worked hard to figure among the top ten heroes of Kollywood was confined to a room and tortured to act in a particular film, by a financier.

It seems it is easier for stars to find a happy ending in reel life, rather than in real life.

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