The Public Entrance Examination Coaching Scheme (PEECS) of the Government of Kerala will take off in June 2013. The Programme was announced in the Budget for 2013-14 by the Finance Minister. The innovative project of the Higher Education department, aimed at giving free coaching to Higher Secondary students of the state, both in the Government and Aided sector, for taking up the Entrance Examinations in Engineering and Medicine will commence in June, 2013. In the first stage, the programme will be implemented for the second year students of Plus two. By July, after the admissions are completed for 2013-14, the scheme will be extended to the first year students also of Plus Two stream in Government/Aided Higher Secondary schools in the state. The scheme will have two components mainly.
One component of PEECS will be the telecasting of classes, each of one hour duration, based on the topics in the syllabi for the Entrance Examinations of Kerala.
Coaching will be imparted for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology). The one hour session will have a ‘subject’ discussion part and ‘question & answer’ discussion part. The number of classes for each subject for covering the entire syllabus is likely to be around 60. The classes will be telecast through the VICTERS channel of [email protected] School. The telecast will be so scheduled during the school time so that the students get the facility to view the programme along with the teacher engaging the subject in the school. The classes that are telecast during the school time will be telecast again in the evening/night.
The second component of the scheme is the online practice test. After the telecast of a class on a topic is completed, the students will get the facility to attend online practice tests on that topic as per the Entrance pattern. This facility will be provided through the PEECS website to be hosted with the technical support of [email protected]

This test can be taken by the student from the school or from home or at any place having a computer with internet facility. After the test is completed, the student will get to know the score, the answers to the questions with explanatory notes. As the scheme progresses, more question sets will be added to the Question Bank being developed side by side so that the students will get the facility to take more practice tests. The students will have to register at the website to get all these facilities. This will be done through the institutions they are enrolled.
The student will also get the facility to post a question to an expert in the subject and get answer to that. The progress of the students will also be monitored under the scheme. By the time the entire course is covered, the student will have the facility to answer a full question paper online as per the entrance pattern. A Question bank is also being planned as a component of the scheme. The entire facilities related to the scheme will be provided free of cost to the students.

Faculty from Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges and retired faculty from Colleges have been identified for engaging the classes under PEECS. Although the scheme is being implemented for the KEAM Entrance Examinations now, it is expected to be extended to more areas in the coming years.

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