How the Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Upcoming Movie "Jilla" Happened ??
It is a norm of Ilayathalapathy's to surprise the crew with a gift, on the last day of shooting. Keeping this up, when director Raja packed up on the last day of 'Velayudham', everyone was eagerly awaiting Vijay's gift. But the painful wait came to an end only in the evening when Vijay broke the news, which turned out to be a shocking surprise to everyone. All the assistant and associate directors were to narrate a story to Vijay, and the gift he offered was his call sheet for shooting his favourite script! Awestruck, the seven associates and Raja himself were at a loss of words. Vijay had assured that if the particular director was not willing to helm the project immediately, he would still have the offer open, and willingly perform at the right time.

It took Ilayathalapathy to hear everyone out, and it was Nesan, who came out successful of this exercise, clinching the opportunity for 'Jilla', which happens to be the actor's favourite of all the other stories. Vijay has declared that at any time, if any of the others wanted to roll out the project, he would give utmost preference to them. If anyone wondered why Vijay continues to remain the celebrated Ilayathalapathy, then it is for this simplicity in him.