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Thread: Tips To Make Trust With Your Teenagers

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    Default Tips To Make Trust With Your Teenagers

    1.Start today:
    Trust is built one brick at a time. Whether youíre setting out to give your teen new freedoms or recovering and rebuilding from broken trust, it is parents that have to take the lead. Try a new curfew. Give your teen a twenty and ask him to bring you back the change. Give him a clear idea of what your expectation is in as few words as possible, and let him know that you are giving them the gift of your trust. Again, now is not the time to lecture him, but rather to allow him to know that the trust is not a question for you. Choose to give it as a gift.

    2.Spend time together:
    This tip can be more and more challenging as our teens develop their own social lives and priorities. Make certain you set aside time to simply ďbeĒ together. A great way to stay connected with your teen and build trust is to take an interest in the things they like to do even if itís really not your bag.

    3.Be trustworthy:
    Just like every other stage in your childís development, itís critical to lead by example. Keep your promises. Show up for your children. Live in a way that allows you to be candid and open with them about your life, just as you expect it from them. When we begin to treat our teens with the same respect we offer other adults, they can sense that we honor their thought processes and decision making.

    4.Let them make mistakes:
    Allow your teens the natural consequences of their mistakes, but be there to support them in getting a fresh start. Encourage them that there is always another chance to rebuild trust in your relationship. Encourage yourself by remembering that the teen years are all about trial and error. Eventually, your teen will find his way.

    5.Listen purely:
    Any time you find your teen willing to talk with you about her life is a priceless opportunity. Thank her for her openness. Try not to talk too much. Ask your teen if she wants your input, and if she does, keep it brief. A lot of times teens donít hear much after the first few sentences anyway. Donít reward your teenís willingness to be honest with you with a lecture. Make dialogue a pleasant experience for her, and sheíll be more likely to come to you when she needs help.
    These simple suggestions can be the beginnings of an easier road through the teen years. Loving our kids as much as we do, we can often go to one extreme or another and risk becoming too loose or too controlling.These are some tips to make trust with your teenagers.

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    These are pretty good tips, and that's coming from a teenager ^^

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    these tips are just superb i need to try them for my deceny

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