vizaudio is a simple audio player that show visualization. It uses ffmpeg ,libSDL, and openGL.
The previous vizaudio executes ffmpeg for getting audio data, now it is linked with libav*. Also the visualization now differs with previous version. Now it is look like ffplay visualization, but in logarithmic frequency scale.
This new version allow resizing window.
1. Run command `vizaudio FILES...'
2. Press ESC to quit.
3. Press DOWN to play next file.
4. Press H to hide the window.
Usage for Windows
1. Extract the zip file wherever you want.
2. Right click, choose open with, choose select program from list and choose vizaudio.exe from your extracted zip.
Or better, you use command prompt.
Example, you extract at C: > C:\vizaudio-1.0.2\vizaudio "D:\Your Music File.mp3"
> C:\vizaudio-1.0.2\vizaudio "D:\Your Music Folder"\*.mp3
> set PATH=%PATH%;C:\vizaudio-1.0.2
> vizaudio "D:\Your Music File.mp3"
> vizaudio "D:\Your Music Folder"\*.mp3.

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