Tony Stark the multi Billionaire, Playboy, Genius and his alter ego Iron Man is back! The third installment of this swashbuckling series will be nothing short of Iron man and his power packed action sequences. Marvel Studio's and Walt Disney will spare nothing to make Robert Downing Jr's work look bigger and Shane Black has directed this stylish flick. The movie set in 3D, is set sometime after the events of Avengers where Tony recovers from the aftermath. Ben Kingsley plays the evil terrorist Mandarin who is ruthless and leaves the world's intelligence agencies bewildered with his lethal attack. Will Iron man and his power avenge the world? Well watch out! The movie will be with rich 3D format and some jaw dropping visuals. Wait for the best part folks, BizHat offers you two free tickets to beat the heat and enjoy Iron man3. Just enter this simple contest and you could be one of the lucky twosome to win these free passes. Hurry !!!

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