Multiboard gives the user 10 independent clipboards rather than the 1 provided by the Windows operating system.

1. Hold Alt and press a number key to jump to a specific Clipboard. Example: Alt+9.
2. Hold Alt and press '.' or ',' to increment or decrement the active clipboard respectively.
3. Hold Alt and press 'L' to lock the currently active clipboard. This will prevent it from taking on a new value until Alt+L is pressed again to unlock it.
4. Hold Alt and press 'P' to peek at the current clipboard value. By default only 30 characters are displayed for 3 seconds.

1. Multiboard will only store raw text. You will still be limited to 1 clipboard when coping things like files, images, etc..
2. Controls and options can be edited in the config.ini file.
3. It is recommended that you customize your system tray to always show the Multiboard tray icon. The Tray icon changes as you switch between clipboards.

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