First of all, find someone that you're attracted to. Obviously, you can't find the right partner for you if you're not even attracted to them. When we say 'attracted', make sure that you don't just like them because of their looks. Beauty is only skin-deep, remember. Even if you find somebody that's totally beautiful/handsome, their personality might need some work. Wouldn't you rather be with someone that is pretty good-looking, and who's personality is great? If you love someone JUST for their looks, it's not real love, and they're not the right partner for you.

Now, find interests between you and your potential partner. That way, you can enjoy doing things and talking about them together without getting bored. Often times, having too many different interests requires you or your partner to sacrifice oneís desires for the happiness of the other. Eventually, it may lead to ego problems and misunderstandings, so as much as possible, choose a potential partner who shares a lot of common interests with you. Remember that they don't have to have ALL the same interests as you, because that would get boring. Sometimes, being with someone with a few different interests makes life more exciting because you get to experience some of his/her interests.

Consider you and your partnerís intellect. If you are an over-achiever with too many honors and your partner is very laid-back and would prefer to just sit and watch TV all day, that could impose a threat to your relationship. It is very important that you see eye to eye in terms of how you both are able to think and process things. It sounds shallow at first, but just imagine yourself talking to a person who frustrates you because he/she cannot understand what you are saying or doing. You don't need to both be geniuses, but you need to have around the same intellect level.

When choosing a future partner, it's okay to have standards! You almost want to treat it like hiring someone for a job. Does he/she fit the description on which your ideal partner should be? Remember, don't just choose whoever. This is your potential life partner! You wouldn't just pick someone off the street to hire for a job, so why pick a random person as your partner?

Make sure that you both respect each other. You can't spend your life with someone who has no respect for you, your personality, and your goals/dreams. You and your partner should always respect each other.

Is your potential partner trustworthy? Can you count on your partner to keep your secrets? Can you bring your partner out to dinner and not have to worry about him/her checking out that hot girl/guy over at the next table? Could you leave for a weekend and know that your partner wouldn't sleep with someone else? Think about these questions.

Spend time together. How are you supposed to know if he/she is the right partner for you if you don't spend time together? Go on dates with your partner and go out to different places with him/her. Get to know him/her well. After all, if you two decide to spend the rest of your life together, you can't really do that if you two can't stand to spend a day together!

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