No one likes the towels hanging around making the place look dirty. This is one cute idea where you can place your towels and napkins and it looks so endearing.
Using a lot of wood and low light gives a very classy and sensual appeal to the bathroom. You can use lanterns, dried flowers and a lot of brown for the same effect.If you have multiple entries to your washroom and you wish to shut off one of them, this is a great way to do the same. This way, you even save a lot of space and the idea does not even look dull and boring. Make use of your momís old treasure box to create a very chic and stylish basin area. This will best go with yellow lighting and the doors of the box very creatively cover the ugly pipes and tubes that drain out the water from the taps.Though the tiles in this loo might give a very modern feel, the wise of space, the cabinet and the beautifully studded basin make us want to tag it under traditional. Not to miss the oval shaped mirror. This oneís a classic. The white bath tub in combination with the dark brown wood have an appeal that far surpasses the usual too decked up washrooms. Wish we could light those beautiful candles everyday too.

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