1.Divide things later:
It is important to divide their things after the age of two or three. Most parents keep similar set of toys for both the kids. But, one needs to understand that being twins, they have to develop their distinct personalities. This should be done from the beginning. So, keep separate toys and clothes for your twins after the age of three. This will help them to develop their own personality.

2.Create a balance:
Create a balance by maintaining a routine for your twins. Make it a point that both of them do things at the same time. If one baby is hungry, feed the other one also. Let both of them take a nap together. This will really help you to do other activities. Once the routine is set, it will really become a simple task for you.

3.Spend time alone:
A parent needs to understand that twins are related and not conjoined. So, giving each child individual importance is a must. Spend separate time with both of them. Divide your time and attention. If one parent is playing with one kid, then other parent should play with the other kid and vice versa. It becomes easier to divide the time by doing this. Individual attention helps to groom the child, which plays an important role in his/her personality.

4.Keep things same initially:
With newborn babies, things can be kept similar. Like same dresses and same pair of shoes. Of course, you cannot do this with a boy and a girl. Dresses for a baby boy and girl would be different. With this, organize your closet in a proper way. When things are organized, it will become easier for you to find them. This will help to save time.

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