The year 2013 will witness T-town hits like ‘Simha’, ‘Arya 2′, ‘Dhookudu’, ‘Kanchana’, A film by Arvind, ‘Indra’ and ‘Prayanam’ among others being remade into Hindi. Actors like Salman and Akshay have watched couple of these movies and production houses like UTV are also negotiating with Telugu filmmakers, DC can reveal. And buoyed by this demand for T-town movies, leading production houses like Vyjayanthi Movies and 14 Reels are now planning to ‘co-produce’ instead of just selling rights.
To begin with, Mahesh Babu’s ‘Dhookudu’ captured the attention in B-town. Ajay Devgn will probably play the role of Mahesh Babu. “It’s true that producers have watched ‘Dhookudu’. But we haven’t sold off the rights. We want to jointly produce it in Hindi,” said Koti of 14 Reels.
After hits like ‘Wanted’, ‘Ready’ and ready-to-release ‘Mental’, Salman Khan too has put his team to keep a watch on Telugu movies.
Also, Akshay Kumar liked Telugu movie ‘Simha’, showcasing the transformation of a doctor into a vigilante. “We got to know that Akshay has watched the movie. But we haven’t closed the deal,” said producer Paruchuri Prasad.
Production house UTV has set its eyes on the ‘Arya 2′. “UTV has approached director Sukumar to remake ‘Arya 2′,” confirmed a source, close to the director.
Another film, ‘Kanchana’, a thriller, is also on the cards. “Lawrence would be remaking the story of a youngster possessed by a spirit with top B-town stars, but nothing is fixed yet,” a source said.
Producer Priyanka Dutt has announced that she would like to co-produce the Hindi remake of ‘Indra’. “We can’t take chances by handing it over to some producer for few lakhs,” she said.

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