GpuTest provides GPU stress test and OpenGL benchmark. Unzip the archive where you want and double click on GpuTest_GUI.exe to launch GpuTest user interface. You can also use the file gputest_command_line_example.cmd to run a test from the command line.
GpuTest command line parameters:
/test=<test_name> where test_name = fur | tess | gi | pixmark_piano | pixmark_volplosion
/msaa=<samples> where samples can be 0, 2, 4, 8
/benchmark : sets the benchmarking mode
/benchmark_duration_ms=<duration_in_ms> : benchmark duration in milliseconds.
/no_scorebox : does not display the score box at the end of the benchmark.
/no_log_score : does not write score result in the log file at the end of the benchmark.
/glinfo : write detailed OpenGL information in the log file
Simple test example:
start GpuTest.exe /test=fur /width=1024 /height=640
Benchmark test example:
start GpuTest.exe /test=fur /width=1280 /height=720 /msaa=4 /benchmark /benchmark_duration_ms=60000

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