Kamal Hassan's magnum opus Vishwaroopam was a versatile movie with some jaw dropping action sequences. For the stunt sequences a lot of Hollywood technicians had their hand in it, and it will be no different for its sequel. Recently Vishwaroopam 2's shooting took place in Bangkok and it was not an easy day at the office for the heroines of the movie.

Pooja kumar and Andrea the leading ladies of this movie had to perform some hair rising stunts and looks like the shoot was complete after a lot of hard work. Pooja has mentioned in one of her micro blogging sites that they shot some risky underwater sequences, and the actress did not have a stuntmen do her role, as she is a certified scuba diver. Knowing Kamal, this will be the least of action sequences for Vishwaroopam 2 which is progressing towards a Diwali release.

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