There are benefits of "black hat" techniques used to manipulate rankings in the search engines.

If you work within the search engine optimization industry, or you are a webmaster, you have most likely already encountered some black hat techniques in play. As someone who does SEO for a living, it's in best interests to know what the techniques are in order to combat them.

Problem is, to a black hat, it's all worth it. While the majority of us sweat and labor and obsess on getting top rankings in Google and other search engines, the black hatters sit back and laugh at our efforts.

That's why they continue to employ their techniques, all the while raking in the cash. This is also the same reason why spammers continue to do what they do - out of the millions of emails sent, there are enough people clicking on the advertisement to make them money.

So, now that we know the motivation of the black hat, where is the benefit?

The black hatters keep the search engines on their toes by constantly pushing the boundaries of manipulating data and information on the web. If the Googles of the world could just sit back and never apply any new thoughts to their algorithms, the "Average Joe" would never have a shot at getting a top spot in the search engines.

All of the top spots would be owned by the players with the most money to spend.

But, since the black hats continually look for loopholes in the algorithms, it forces the search engines to continually re-think their approach on how to rank the content found on the Internet.

While I admit that it can be frustrating to see a site above yours in the search engine results that is employing these techniques, you must keep in mind that you have a chance to achieve top rankings because of their techniques.

While the black hatter relies on automation to obtain their goals, the rest of us have to do it with effort. That is the kryptonite of the black hatters. Eventually, your site should have better, original content and more relevant links pointing to your site, and that will drive the black hatters away.

The goal of the black hat is to make money as quickly as possible. The elite black hatters are smart enough to know when they have been beaten in a specific area, and will simply turn their focus to another topic.

You can beat the black hat. But it will take time, and it will take resolve. Consider it a battle - because they do.

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