His films may not have set the cash registers ringing in recent times but that hasn’t stopped directors from making a beeline for him. Unni Mukundan has been signed for Fazal’s Iyer In Pakistan, The Last Supper directed by Vinil and produced by George, as well as the icing on the cake — Lal Jose’s Vikramadityan with Dulquer Salmaan. The excitement of being a part of Lal Jose’s project is palpable as Unni exults, “I have always wanted to act in a Lal Jose film and that dream is coming true at last! I got a call from the production controller informing me of the casting. As excited as I was, I still called up Lal Jose to confirm the news, which he did!”
Unni is also delighted to be sharing screen space with Dulquer. Many would recollect that Unni did a guest appearance in the Dulquer film Theevram. He recalls, “Dulquer is a gem of a person and I remember during the shooting of Theevram, we had talked about doing something on the lines of Sholay but then we got busy with other projects,” says Unni.
Unni has been the second choice for most of the films, does that bother him? He answers, “Not being the original choice does not put me down! Just because some director did not approach me first for a film does not mean that I will not sign their films; I am not so silly.”
Unni has reached the double digit mark in films and looks back in contentment. “I have grown as an actor and as a performer; I feel more secure and confident now. I do not have any regrets abo*ut any role; I am pragmatic enough to real*ise that sometimes a film may work and sometimes not.”

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